Cartridge Dust Collectors

MikroFlo™ Cartridge Dust Collectors

Nederman MikroPul's MikroFlo™ Cartridge Dust Collectors provide economical, high filtration performance in a compact, easy-to-maintain package.

MikroFlo Cartridge Dust Collector Cartridge Dust Collectors are available with blended and all synthetic paper media, spun bond polyester, and self-supporting Aramid needle felt. Cartridge collectors can be used for numerous applications including pharmaceutical preparations, food, powdered paint, specialty chemicals, toner, plastics, and glass. MikroFlo collectors are equally adept at product recovery or nuisance dust collection.

Cartridge Dust Collectors have a large filter area in proportion to their size and are suitable for dry, fine dust and can be equipped with lots of different types of filter materials. Cartridge Filters are preferable on systems with contaminations lower than 100 ppm, or contamination levels lower than 0.01% in weight.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quickly change out filters from outside. No confined space permit needed.
  • Modular design allows for easy expansion for increased capacity.
  • It's compact and saves precious space
  • Can be used for spot filtration
  • Mild steel all-welded construction coated with acrylic finish
  • Ledge-free 60° hopper
  • Damper pack
  • MikroPulse 100T digital timer
  • Limited 10 year warranty

MikroFlo dust collector cartridge systems are often used in place of baghouses or fabric filters. These collectors provide easy and economical replacement for an old Donaldson Torit collector. Cartridge filters are preferred over fabric bags because of their high efficiency, compact size, and quick filter cartridge changes.

Replacing filter cartridges is simple, tool-less, and does not require confined space safety procedures. Individual paper filter cartridges are quickly and conveniently serviced from the outside of the MikroFlo collector. Multiple units share common hoppers and minimize clean air ducting. Its compact footprint is ideal for localized spot filtration requirements.

Varieties of Filter Media

  • Cellulose/polyester blend
  • Matrex - advanced laminate media
  • HO spunbond
  • Aluminized spunbond
  • Spunbond with membrane
  • Aramid with membrane
  • Polypropylene
  • Polypropylene with membrance
  • PPS
  • PPS with membrane

Cartridges are industry standard size (13.84" dia. x 26" long) containing 254ft2of media area for most media types.

Related Industries

  • Food Processing
  • Industrial Processing
  • Metalworking
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Woodworking