Gas Coolers

Cooler KU

The hot gases flow into the cooler vertically downwards along the cooling elements. The gases are deflected through 180° and a pre-separation of the coarse dust takes place.

KU Cooler Heat Exchanger

The danger of the dew point

The cooling air has to be preheated if it is likely that the temperature could fall below the dew point on the cooling elements during the cooling of hot process gases.

Unlike KS, preheating of cooling air is provided with KU. In this case, a partial flow of heated cooling air and fresh air are sucked in together from the cooling air fan.

A pre-selected mixing temperature is regulated prior to entry into the cooling elements by opening or closing the fresh-air valve.

Benefits of our Gas Coolers

  • Handles temperatures up to 600C (1,112F).
  • Automatic Cleaning system for sticky dusts
  • All elements accessed from the catwalk
  • Ability to pre-heat cooling air to eliminate condensation issues
  • Low-profile and compact
  • No Fluids Needed
  • Self Cleaning Option
  • Customizable
  • Small Footprint
  • Fully Automatic Operation