Dust Collection for the Coal Industry


Nederman MikroPul has designed a dust collector to meet the challenges of safely filtering PRB coal dust.

Highly engineered equipment and extensive processes define the massive efforts needed to remove metals and minerals from earth. Further improvements of mine safety and environmental controls are ongoing goals for this industry, with “low carbon” production of minerals to become increasingly important in the years to come.

Surface mining produces as much as 85% of the minerals mined in North America, 98% of all metallic ores.

Dusts are generated when raw materials are broken or crushed, typically when dumping, transferring or handling. Dust collectors / baghouse technology, combined with shrouds, hoods and enclosures, help to contain dust emissions and improve collection of dust. Applications include hammer hills, rock crushing, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, dryers, transfer chutes, screens, feeders, truck unloading, ball mills, mill conveying, and transfer stations. Dust collectors are commonly used to capture dusts from mining or processing clay, coal, coquina, gravel, stone, granite, gritstone, gypsum, limestone, marble, and metal ores such as copper, iron, gold and molybdenum.

In recent years, PRB coal (Powder River Basin) has gained popularity as a fuel source because it is nearer the surface and much cheaper to mine, resulting in an attractive cost/BTU. However, it also poses additional safety hazards due to its higher volatility and affinity for spontaneous combustion. Further, PRB coal dust filtration is hampered by its higher content of small particles and higher moisture content.

Nederman MikroPul has designed a dust collector, the RAF-IS, to meet these challenges. It combines a host of safety features with a proven design that is highly respected for its performance and reliability. It is the safest dust collector available on the market.

The RAF-IS Reverse Air Filter dust collector is ideally suited for all coal (including PRB) filtration applications. It combines high performance, low energy use, and reliable and effective reverse-air cleaning in a ledgeless filter housing totally free of internal electrical components.

Rerverse Air Filters for Coal

Bunker Dust Filtration: 35,000 CFM, RAF-IS collectors, each with 460 10-ft bags, for each of 3 power generating units consuming 3,500-4,000 tons of coal/day